Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guess whats this about!!

I wonder why I didn't write this blog earlier, I wanted to write this right after the blog on Google chrome, some how it did not happen and I just cost myself a "I told you so" moment.

In case you are wondering what's this about - Lets get to the point. This post is about the Google Chrome OS. I guessed some time ago when Google released chrome something like this was coming.

It is a light weight OS meant to be run on netbooks

  • which boots in a few seconds, 
  • has Google chrome as its primary browser,but not restricted to it
  • built on top of a Linux kernel
  • and most importantly Open Source.

It is not build using Android as previously rumored. Google has clarified that the domain of Android and Chrome OS is entirely different even though both share some ideologies.

One observation from my side is that even though chrome was released long time ago the reason why Google took some time to release the OS might be of the fact that it was waiting for the Linux version of Chrome to be released

For more information visit the official google blog