Monday, September 1, 2008

Chrome - Google's own browser.

Google the web giant is planning to launch its own browser in to the market. It has already made an announcement and discussed with users the features that will differentiate it from others. It is christened Chrome. While I am quite content with my FF 3, I would still love to see and use the google's browser. Google said in its blog that its browser's main features will be...

1. Reliability
2. Speed
3. Simplicity(ease of use)
4. Security
Google said that their browser is multi-process(not multi-threaded) based. So, separate processes render separate tabs. It solves the current problem where a single tab crashing due to some notorious javascript takes the whole browser instance with it. IE 8 I think is trying to implement the same feature too(my guess). Also chrome features a task manager which gives you an idea on which tab(website opened in that tab) is using how much memory and u can always close the hungry guy. Also, web kit(android too uses web kit) the open source rendering engine is used in chrome. Plus many more features never heard of before are being implemented in it.
Also, there are many other new very innovative features in chrome that I can't explain all of them in this single post (sorry for my haste as I am in my office and need to post it before my boss catches me posting). For more information see this and this.

Oh!! I almost forgot to say Chrome is Open Source.
Here's a screenshot on how chrome may look like(this isn't exactly how its going to look like but posts with images are always better).