Friday, May 18, 2007

My presentation on GIMP

Somethings in life just happen and you don't realize their importance much later. This is one incident exactly like that, it always makes me nostalgic.

It was 3rd and 4th of March 2007, I was invited as one of the speakers at the National Conference on FOSS, organized by the FSF - Andhra Pradesh Chapter, India.

I was there to talk about GIMP. I started my presentation with a few slides of Scooby Doo, Titanic, Stuart Little, Harry Potter, Fast and Furious. It was enough to bring the audience out of their lazy noon slumber ;) the interest in the presentation started to grow, and they were just curious to know what on earth a talk on GIMP had to do with all these Hollywood characters.

Well, if you too are curious, here's the answer - All these characters were created using GIMP!

Later on, I touched some important aspects of GIMP like: MDI (Multiple Document Interface), Script FU, Plug-in Management Interface, and few other noteworthy things. And then it was time to end.

I wanted to make the end as interesting as the beginning - So, I made use of my favorite quote something which I coined(debatable) during my early days of using Linux.

" Best things in life are always FREE"
I conveyed this feeling and the truth to the audience with the help of a few slides

1. the first slide features a couple who are in LOVE2. the second slide features friends who are HAPPY3. the third slides features a man who is in deep SLEEP4. the fourth slide features the AFFECTION of Mother on her child
5. the fifth child features the logos of Open Source and Free Software Foundation.

Love, happiness, joy, sleep, affection, Free and Open source Software -- aren't the best things in life always free? Agreed?