Friday, April 6, 2007

The History -- My Dive into Linux

I have been using linux since I was 12. And the initial experiences were nothing short of scary. Linux as I understood at that time, was only meant for the elite group who were born and brought up with computers, who knew the internals, the kernel and all the jargon. Despite the barriers for entry I tried to get along with it. I can proudly say curiosity played a very big part in that :)

My first Linux distribution was µlinux (pronounced micro Linux) a CLI based Linux distribution. It did not teach me much, I was very curious about the GUI part of Linux.  I then bought the book 'Using Linux' which gave me my first Complete Linux Distributions bundled with the book. (those were the days when having a 56K modem was considered a luxury). 

I first tried to install Debian/GNU Linux whose installation was overly complicated for me as a novice. I then tried Caldera Open Linux which had a nice graphical Installer Lizard but installation failed due to some hardware issue. 

I finally tried Red Hat Linux whose installation went on flawlessly and in less than half an hour I had a Linux system up and running. I logged in and was welcomed by the boring CLI. I knew I was just 1 step away from the GUI, the startx command did it all. (I did my research well)

I booted into the default Desktop environment for Red Hat the GNOME and I will never forget the first login -- it was Love at First Sight, my hobby then turned into a passion that still drives me. 

Access all your Linux Partitions from My Computer in Windows.

To all people who need to access their linux partitions within windoze here's a utility. By installing(only 3 clicks to install and no restart required) you can access all your linux partitions(not swap) as easily as you access you C:\ drive from My Computer.

click here to know more or to download

Javascript Fun

Note: Only tested this on Firefox 2.0

1. First open any image sensitive website like google images and search for something

2. Input the code below into the same window's url bar.

click here. for the code.

XGL -- Linux's answer to Windows Vista

Long long ago when the ancient man lived, he never knew what language was and what good communication skills were, but he still needed a way so that he could communicate, and guess what he did? He communicated by means of pictures.

And today the ancient man is still an inspiration to us, because we have learned through ages that a picture can depict what a thousand lines of simple text can't. Our developers were a little bit lazy in adopting this to the computer field and that is the reason why we were initially stuck up with Command Line Interface's(CLI). But they soon realised the huge benefits of GUI and now what do we have? Stiff competetion , great innovation and not to forget copying and implementing ideas of the rival.

What ever be the case the development of GUI's is happening at a rapid pace and we have seen huge developments with the APPLE heading the department of innovation and eye candiness. And now it seems Microsoft has realised the importance and is following the suit with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Linux not wanting to be left behind has started the work on XGL a compositing window manager for the X-Window system. And here's what they have to offer us:

XGL screenshots

new-window-list.jpg3D desktop

While its not stable at the moment , its definitely a step in the right direction.